Service Aero Solutions LLC

Aircraft Engine Inspection

Aircraft Engine Inspection

Service Aero Solutions (SAS) has been in the business of aircraft engine inspection since 2012, but our team members have experience in the industry long before that.  At SAS, we accomplish extremely detailed, pre-purchase level borescope inspections across a variety of engine types around the globe with rapid response times. However, our capabilities don’t stop there. We are skilled in everything from engine removal and preservation to borescope blending and top case repair. We have decades of experience between our specialized teams and offer a tailored work package to meet our customer’s needs. We are your global solution for turbine engine support.

Why Choose SAS?

  • We not only handle commercial aviation, but also provide inspection services across multiple engines.

  • Although there are new issues, our team of technicians are highly capable of finding solutions to solve your problems.

  • Our clientele is the proof of our work, we provide complete customer satisfaction with high quality resolutions.

  • We pay attention to detail, and offer tailored services to customers based on their needs.

  • We also help protect their assets by limiting their investment's exposure.

We deliver innovative solutions to your unique problems.